Conservative Freedom Party

It's time to put the Great
back into Britain


The Conservative Freedom Party is a new political party which is currently in embryo, and exists to spearhead a return to true conservatism and common sense in politics.

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The main political parties have proven themselves to be incapable of running the country. They are stuffed full of individuals who are totally captive to the liberal and globalist agenda, and who have little understanding of how ordinary people think. The gulf between the political class and the rest of the country is huge and is getting wider by the day.

The Conservative Freedom Party stands for:

Social Conservatism

The current "Conservative" party is in reality a liberal authoritarian party masquerading as a conservative one.

The rot started a long time ago. We have seen the rise of the same sex "marriage" legislation, the crazy green agenda and now the criminal lockdowns.

The fact that this fake "Conservative" party continues to exist is largely down to lies, money and the pathetic condition of Her Majesty's Opposition.


The current path the government is following is very wrong. The imposition of "social" distancing is completely unnatural and contrary to human nature. The creation of dozens of stupid rules by the government has shown us just how divorced they are from reality.

Free speech is being trodden down by stifling political correctness and groupthink. The fake "Conservative" party promotes all this, rather than opposing it.

It's time we had a party that represents ordinary working men and women. A party that runs the country with common sense, business acumen, moral principles and a committment to fairness and true justice.

LibLabConGreen are hopeless. It's time for change.