Conservative Freedom Party

It's time to put the Great
back into Britain

Key Policies

The Conservative Freedom Party (hereafter referred to as the "CFP") is committed to the following policies:

The Lockdowns

The lockdowns and "tiers" are a massive overreaction by the current government to the Wuhan flu. They must be ended immediately and in full, including "social" distancing, masks and all other proposed measures for trade.

The CFP would therefore repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020 and The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020 (all areas) with immediate effect.


The CFP would scrap the HS2 project, with investment going into the existing rail network.


The full opportunities of Brexit must be realised. There must be no backsliding into the EU.

"Net Zero" 2050

The CFP would scrap the "Net Zero" 2050 carbon emissions target. However sensible, cost-effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would be explored.

The UK energy policy would include the development of new coal-fired power stations (with suitable scrubbing technology) if appropriate, along with further exploration of shale gas reserves.

National Health Service

The NHS needs reform in order to cut out unnecessary layers of management. The CFP would develop a new funding model for the NHS, as current levels of public spending are unsustainable.


Diversity targets, excessive form filling and unnecessary bureaucracy would be scrapped. The police would be put back on the streets, preventing and dealing with crime.


The CFP believes that all workers are worthy of a fair wage, from brain surgeons to cleaners. Therefore wages at the low end of the scale should be raised as close as possible to the current national average. The CFP would explore the feasibility of implementing such a policy.

The CFP would protect whistleblowers and help ensure bullying and intimidation is removed from the workplace.

All job roles should be gained on merit. The CFP opposes quotas.


The CFP is committed to the creation of grammar schools in deprived areas and the restriction of entry to children from those areas.

The CFP would raise standards across the board, with more rigour in the sciences and mathematics.

The CFP encourages competition in schools and believes in classes grouped according to ability.

The CFP would reduce the number of school inspections, and the mandatory inclusion of schools in league tables would be ended.


Littering is a disgrace to this nation. The CFP would therefore introduce regular anti-littering adverts on national television.

The education system should play a bigger part in litter shaming. The CFP would therefore explore the possible options for this.

The CFP would increase fines for littering, with extensive signage installed on both major and minor roads.

The CFP would introduce mandatory litter picking as a part of Community Service.

The LGBT Agenda

The CFP rejects the imposition of the LGBT lifestyle on society.

The CFP opposes the same-sex "marriage" legislation passed by the Cameron government, and would therefore repeal the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.

The CFP would outlaw the use of teaching material in schools which encourages acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle as "normal".

The CFP would repeal the Equality Act 2010.

The Surveillance State

The CFP would remove traffic cameras at most junctions.

The CFP would introduce new measures to ensure that any speeding fines are applied fairly, proportionately and with discretion.

The CFP would ensure that individuals have the right to reject vaccinations if they so wish.

The usage of tracking apps or other such technology would remain entirely voluntary.

Political Reform

The CFP would reduce the number of sitting Lords by at least half.

The CFP would outlaw women-only shortlists. Selection should be based purely on merit.